Do you want to have the most satisfying vaping experience?

Over the years, nicotine salt e juices have gained much popularity. A wide range of brands and flavors with varying salt strengths to satisfy your craving are now available.

How to spot the best Nic salt brand?

The vaping industry is buzzing with brands to satisfy your nicotine craving, but to experience a smoother hit of vapor, it is essential to make the right choice. As vaping is not only about determining your nicotine salt strength and the desired flavor, choosing a trustworthy brand is also a must to do thing before ordering your nic salt e-liquid.

Here is your guide to help you choose the best brands and get rid of substandard products to have a delightful vaping experience. So without further ado, let’s get to the list

1.      Don Cristo Salts


PGVG Labs’ Don Cristo Salt is a high demand cigar flavored vape juice. Because of its popularity among the masses, this e-juice has won one of the best tobacco flavor award in France in 2016 and also ranked at the top in 2017 in the United Kingdom.

Don Cristo S is best with pod systems and low power devices, but it is not advisable to use with RDA’s or sub ohm’s tanks and devices. The Canadian based award-winning brand is available with a child resistance cap. This 50VG50PG Don nic salt e-liquid is also available in coffee, tropical freeze, and crisp green flavors with 100% satisfaction guaranteed at most affordable rates. It offers 20mg, 35 mg, and 50 mg of nicotine strength.

2.      Mr. Salt E

With a worldwide fan base, Mr. Salt is among the leading e-juice brands across the globe. With its commitment to provide an enjoyable and pleasant vaping experience, the brand is known for its heavenly taste, which vaping fans desire.

Artisan Vapor Company is facilitating its users with perfect tobacco blend to fulfill their vaping needs in a few hundred bucks.  Mr. Salt E is best to use with pod-based devices or low output atomizers.

With its dropper for refilling, it reduces the chances of loss of e-juice and also closure for child tamper proof protection.

With a wide variety of available flavors, it has gained fame among online buyers. From its fruity flavors to straight tobacco flavor, each contains the finest ingredients. It is available in 25 mg and 45 mg strengths. To relish an exotic experience of smooth and strong puff, give a try to Mr. Salt E’s orange, mango, and guava flavor.

3.      Vape Dinner Lady

In case you are in search of an impressive range of nicotine salts having great flavors as their original line. Without thinking much, opt for Dinner Lady Salts, a brand recognized for providing unrivaled customer experience to vapers.

The UK based brand is available in 30 mL bottles with a glass dropper. It offers 50 VG50PG ratio and 30 mg and 50mg strengths. With its Cola Shades, Blackberry Crumble, and the most loved lemon tart flavor, Dinner Lady is providing premium quality e-juices to its customers everywhere at most affordable rates.

With more than 41 international awards, Vape Dinner Lady is ruling in the hemp and CBD industry with its vast line of e-liquids and other vaping supplies at discounted rates. These nic salts are best to use with any mouth to lung or pod device set up.

4.      Salt Bae

SaltBae is right to claim that it is the best salt nic in the game. It has one of the widest variety of flavors, including strawberry milkshake, whiskey tobacco, sweet caramel tobacco, raspberry lemonade, and the list goes on.

To give yourself a chance to enjoy a right matched pair of tobacco and caramel, get your hands on the sweet caramel tobacco of Salt Bae.

Believe my words, folks, this classic and sophisticated flavor is going to be a part of your daily routine after the very first puff.

Salt Bae ensures to give vapers a silky smooth and seductive blend with its e-juice collection. Indulge yourself into next level vaping with high-quality nicotine salts available on this planet from Salt Bae’s line lit with a mouth-watering blend of robust flavors.

5.      VGOD SaltNIC

SaltNic has joined hands with VGOD to create a delicious e-juice line. Their claim of providing instant satisfaction is valid. Available in 25 mg and 50 mg strengths in 30 mL bottles, VGOD SaltNIC offers a variety of exciting and satisfying flavors.

The most loved Bomb line offers perfectly-executed fruity blends in iced varieties. Specializing in nic e-salts, SaltNIc delivers some of the top-notch quality nic salt e-juices on showcase. Their flavor choice is exceptional and most delicious with cigar, lush, dessert, bomb, and ice bomb line. With its cigar line, it offers a minimalistic strength range starting from zero.

The other flavors are available in 25 mg and 50 mg nicotine strength. With VGOD SaltNIC Line, you will vape like a pro.

Bottom Line

If cigarettes were the solution to smoking, nic salts are modern day’s best available choice to fulfill your nicotine cravings.

Nicotine salts e liquids permit for a smoother intake with less consumption of liquid. The devices are also user-friendly and easily affordable. Over the years, these have become a part of people’s culture, and the vaping industry all over the world is striving to create more e-juice flavors and salt-friendly devices.

These are well-acclaimed brands across all over the world because of none of these compromise on quality and taste. All 5 of these brands are producing the world’s best flavors to take you on a glorious sweet journey of vaping without any harshness, burning sensation, coughing, or hurting throat.

This is your guide to help you choose from the best brands and make your nic salt experience better. You can find all these brands and their ranges online and in stores to choose what suits you best.