CBD Treats & Other Tips to Keep Dogs Calm

It makes no difference if you live in Palm Beach or any other part of the world: dogs love spending time with their owners. Yet, some canines actually become stressed out when too many people are cooped up under one roof all day and night. Sure, many pets are enjoying more frequent walks, but when is the last time they got to play at the park? Social distancing can be a drag for our furry family members. Our beloved dogs may not know a thing about the coronavirus, but they are certainly aware that something abnormal is taking place in their homes. Discover some of the smartest techniques, like the best CBD treats for dogs, to help your pet stay relaxed, even when everyone in South Florida is stuck at home during a frightening pandemic.

Keep Dogs Cool During Social Distancing

When most people think of cannabis, they picture Cheech and Chong acting like children, rather than a reliable plant to help keep a dog calm. Yet, CBD oil for pets can minimize whining, panting and shaking of all kinds. The top CBD snacks for dogs are always laboratory tested to ensure safety, as well as produced here in the United States using nothing but natural ingredients. A buyer never has to worry about flavor additives that could be potentially dangerous to little Athena. Rely on Just CBD for dogs and cats to give your fur babies peace of mind, regardless of who is in their domain throughout the entire workday.

Of course, all the time you’ve been spending at home isn’t the only thing to scare dogs. For many four-legged monsters, it can be terrifying to hear loud noises, such as the sounds of thunder and fireworks. Other scary elements around any puppy’s new home can be remote control cars and kids playing basketball next door. Some puppies get the shakes from the sound of a vacuum cleaner. To make matters worse, we often have no idea what unknown traumas our new canines experienced before you showed up with adoption papers.

Keep Dogs Cool During Social Distancing

Many pet owners try desensitization therapy for their dogs. They expose their dogs to the startling sound at a low intensity, and gradually work up. While it has worked with fearful animals, some folks see it as flat-out mean. A more fun approach to get dogs to chill out is to take them somewhere special, like a walk around the neighborhood or an exciting car ride to the park.

Often times, dogs freak out whenever somebody new comes to the house. It can be the mailman six days a week or your monthly poker night with the guys. Whatever the case may be, Missy will suddenly get an upset stomach. Your guests will then get to see and smell vomit or diarrhea thanks to your nervous pet.

Even if they do get to ride in a car with their heads outside the windows, visiting the vet or the groomer can freak out a dog. The same goes for long term visits at boarding facilities. On the other side of the spectrum, pets can experience separation anxiety from being left alone for a few hours or several days at a time. Fortunately, that’s not much of an issue during this creepy time of social distancing.